• Scarlet Monahan Artist Sculptor Musician Poet

    • Date of birth:15 April 1983
    • Nationality: British
    • Address:
    • Phone: +44 7757616460
    • Email: scarlet@redintherain.com


Scarlet Monahan (born 1983) with her perceptive ability to capture, the simple and the quirky through the lens of a camera. This beautiful and talented young artist, creates atmospheric surrealist figurative work, along with her well recognized gift for stunning black and white iconic images.

Monahan, also known for using herself as the model in most of her figure studies, describes herself as “a council girl  with a  camera,” which may be true, but is far from the truth.

Exhibiting regularly in the UK and throughout the world, this internationally acclaimed artist, has created much vivid work, including photographic prints, album covers, digital illustrative pieces for writers and many images for electronic media. Some of her three dimensional works in stone and steel, are owned by international companies such as, FUJI FILM, PENTAX, ARRIVA and others.

Scarlet Monahan, an artist of the moment and the future, relishes challenges and new ideas of all kinds and is actively available for commission, in joyful and vigorous pursuit of her art.

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Email Scarlet : scarlet@redintherain.com

All prints can be produced to your required specification.

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Scarlet Monahan

Skill Achievement

Work Experience



Visual Art & Design 2001-2005

Studied Photography at College achieving top grades in composition, technique and development. Always creating new photographic art and digital art.

Freelance Graphic design

Practical experience/self taught

Creating Surrealism and conceptual art through a variety of digital programs using various technique, freelance graphic design: logos, letterheads, memorabilia, t shirt design, book covers, album covers.


Advance Graphic Designer

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Writing poetry, verse and lyrics since 1999, with poetry published both online and in printed journals.










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